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IPO’s and Utilization of Global Project-based Workers Outside the U.S.

Engaging Project-based Workers Outside the U.S. “When beginning an IPO, no matter global exchange listing, local governance requires that companies who utilize a global population of project-based workers maintain compliance within the contractors residing country.  That means the contractor needs to be paid in local currency, EOR or AOR must be a registered entity in…

Safely On-boarding and Off-boarding an International Contingent Workforce

  Protecting Contractor Data “Globally, many companies who are victims of a hack are lax about security procedures for off-boarding international contractors and many times the information is stolen from the contractors without their knowledge, after their project is completed.   A trusted contractor management adviser with in-country teams globally will provide guidance on how to…

Get Social with CXC Global!

Here at CXC Global, we value our connections all around the world and love to share our knowledge and experience in the Global Contingent Workforce arena. Get Social Now that you’ve arrived here, we invite you to stay connected with us on social media and subscribe to our blog to stay up to date with…

The Liquid Workforce – Get Your Game On

      Image courtesy of International Talent Utilizing international workers where they sit globally quickens time-to-market as the talent is accessed through a multi-channel sourcing strategy, which includes Independent contracts, project-based contractors (SOW) and consulting firms. This workplace of the future is called a “liquid workforce” that can be turned on and off…

Sourcing & Technologies – HRU San Diego

  HRU San Diego – May 3, 2017 In keeping with CXC Global’s mission to educate companies and individuals around the globe on best practices when engaging their global contingent workforce, we are delighted to announce that CXC Global Americas Managing Director, John Smith will be speaking at the upcoming HRU San Diego, Sourcing and…

HR, Recruitment, Automation and Global Talent – HRU Seattle Recap

The New World of Work The future of work is fast approaching and some would argue that it has already arrived. With the rapid changes in technology, companies are now embracing those technologies and the new ways of dealing with identifying candidates, retaining talent and employee relations. We are seeing automation and AI (artificial intelligence)…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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