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Careers at CXC Global

CXC Global is proud to have an ever-growing, dedicated team (currently over 200 people) around the world, in various roles. If you’d like to work in an environment where input is recognized and your achievements are rewarded, CXC Global could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

As part of a world leader in Contractor Management Services, you’ll enjoy exceptional prospects for learning and growth, including the possibility of international travel and transfers.

We believe it should be fun to succeed, CXC offers a relaxed entrepreneurial atmosphere. We appreciate the importance of individuality within a team environment and are dedicated to the principles of equal opportunity at every level.

All CXCGlobal employees are allocated an annual training and development budget.

This is used for relevant professional training and personal career development.

This has a very positive impact on our staff and has really helped with staff retention.

The existing team are very dedicated to CXC Global due to the investment of time and the environment created by senior staff.

More importantly perhaps the professional levels of service that are developed by our highly trained staff lead directly to us generating new business.

All of our business comes as a result of recommendations.


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