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CXC Russia sponsors work permits and work visas for Highly-qualified foreign specialists.

As a CXC Employee a contractor will have a work contract, directly related to their professional work. This work contract will form the basis on which CXC will obtain their work permit for them.  In order to obtain a work permit they need a valid work contract and a minimum “salary” of EUR 50,000 per annum (Importantly the overall contract value should be of the order of EUR 60,000 per annum. With currency fluctuations please confirm this figure from time to time.)

Work Permit (Right to Work in Russia)

Prior to the Contractor starting work in Russia CXC will make all applications for a Work Permit (Permission to Work in Russia) on their behalf. The Contractor will be responsible for the timely delivery, by courier, of a list of requested support documents.  An invitation will then issue for the separate document – Work Visa, which may be collected at Contractor’s local Russian Embassy.

Work Visa (Right to Enter Russia to take up Work)

A Work Visa (Permission to Enter Russia to take up work) is applied for at the same time as a Work Permit. Whilst most nationalities require a Work Visa some former Soviet Union citizens do not require this document.


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