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Outsourced services

Company’s structure

There are 4 companies trading under CXC name in Russia-

CXC Connect, CXC Consult, CXC Premium and TEAM Ltd.

CXC Connect, CXC Consult, CXC Premium are registered under a simplified tax regime which enables to receive the funds from abroad without charging VAT, thus, saving foreign agencies 18% VAT – these companies are used for the international billing.

TEAM Ltd is registered under a general tax regime- VAT- and is used for the local billing.


CXC undertakes the administrative burden of dealing with Immigration and Personal tax for your contract workers in Russia – this leave you free to grow your business and handle new projects.

We take responsibility for all accounting, compliance and administrative matters, whilst ensuring our Contractors receive a high level of service and the best possible return on income.

What do the Agency / Client get?

  • Efficient and Effort Free Professional Service
  • Contractors day to day payroll and work permit issues are handled.
  • Single Source Billing and Accountability
  • No need to deal with immigration or personal taxation issues.

What does the contractor get?

  • Control over Invoicing
  • Efficient and on time Payroll Processing
  • Expert Taxation Advice
  • Business Expense Advice
  • Tax Returns Service
  • Personal Account Manager

Foreign Contractors working in Russia.

To work within Russia, in senior positions, foreign contractors will require a work permit and registration with the relevant immigration service departments; with local taxation bodies and a registration of the residence where they live.


The CXC employed solution allows us to undertake all these functions for your contractors leaving both you and them worry free to concentrate on your professional work.

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