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Case Study: Converting Full Time Employees to Contractors during Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary This paper reviews how three US based companies converted groups of full time employees in five countries to contractors during an acquisition.  Topics include risk mitigation, global compliance considerations and questions to ask when navigating this complex transaction. Background Three clients: A major consumer products company, an international investment finance company, and an energy…

Contractor or employee? Uber, FedEx, Microsoft are learning the hard way – Compliance is key.

It’s in the news almost every day now.  Large global organizations wrestling with the issue of defining who is an employee and who is a contractor.  The government is not making it easy.  President Obama recently issued an executive order that federal contractors were eligible for paid sick days – While that may appear on the…

CXC Global appoints new Director of Global Partner and Client Solutions

We are pleased to welcome JP Gooch to the CXC Global North America team as Director of Global Partner and Client Solutions.   JP joined CXC Global in August 2015 after spending the past five years in a similar role assisting corporations and global workforce management partners.  He will be working alongside John Smith, Managing Director…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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