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The Gig Economy. So..what’s it all about? #CXCFutureofWork

The ‘Gig Economy’ is the subject of many articles, research papers, discussions at conferences et al, however, it has become apparent that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the Gig Economy is all about. We caught up with Andrew Karpie a well-known Research Analyst who is creating waves in the procurement space with…

#CXCFutureofWork Summit Recap – Redefining The Future of Work

The New Generation Workforce Have you wondered about how technology is changing the face of HR, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment? What about how to navigate the Gig Economy and how to prepare your organization for the increased complexity of engaging Contractors and Independent Workers? The New Generation Workforce is here and it is changing the way we work…

Challenges of Doing Business in Multiple Countries

Image Source: Harvard Business Review If you’re thinking about expanding your business offering outside of your current geographical location, there are many things to take into consideration.   Not everyone does business the same around the globe.  There are differences in how we communicate, what we say, facial expression and physical contact.  All of this comes…

Climate Change and the Effects on the Contingent Workforce

Image source: New York Times A Red Alert was issued by Beijing’s city government recently, closing schools and construction sites and limiting the number of vehicles on the road.  Many areas within the Chinese capital were shutdown, due to the alarming levels of air pollution. Parents were faced with the challenge of finding alternative care for the children…

Global Worker Classification in the ‘Gig Economy’

CWS Strategies recently posted an article titled “Independent contractors: The worldwide war against misclassification”, an excellent post on the pending global expansion of workforce misclassification.   Governments want tax revenue from their employment population and with the increase of virtual workers and the “Gig Economy”, payments and classification is being tracked with the global banking…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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