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US – D.O.L Fight Against Independent Contractor Misclassification

                  The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division and the Virginia Employment Commission have entered into a three year Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to protect employee’s rights by preventing their misclassification as independent contractors and other such ‘non-employee’ terms commonly used in the new…

What is a CMO, why do you need it and how will a CMO protect your organization? #CMO

With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and the emerging gig economy, ensuring the fully compliant engagement of these contractors is a primary focus of many organizations. The risks of getting contractor classification wrong globally will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits. What is…

Partnering with a Global ‘CMO’ to ensure global compliant worker engagement

Global Contractor Compliance and Worker Engagement. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by ADP, concerns about global contractor compliance are a major factor for the majority of mid-sized businesses when it comes to their global expansion. The introduction of the new World-Wide Workforce, as covered extensively in Andrew Karpie’s whitepaper, means that…

CXC Global and Qwil Partner to Deliver Instant Pay to CXC Global Contractors

        San Francisco, CA; June 14, 2016 – Workforce solutions leader CXC Global™ and fintech pioneer Qwil have announced a formal partnership to provide instant access to compensation for CXC Global’s contractors through the Qwil app. The collaboration commences today in the United States and Canada with plans for global expansion. This…

MSP, VMS, FMS – CXC Underpinning the Contingent Worker Ecosystem

Where does CXC Global fit among the VMS / FMS and Global MSP Community? Contingent Workforce – 50 by 20 With the so called 50 by 20 fast approaching (Percentage of Workforce as Contractors/Freelancers- Contingent Workers by 2020- as referenced in Ardent Partners whitepaper , how Companies attract, source, procure, manage and pay Contingent Talent has…

“Brown Bag Lunch” Webinar Series II – Contractor Compliance and Payroll Trends in Canada and Globally * FREE WEBINAR *

                  CXC Global are delighted to bring you the next FREE WEBINAR in our Brown Bag Lunch Webinar Series II – “Contractor Compliance and Payroll Trends in Canada and Globally” on Jun 14, 2016 2:00 PM EDT. Click here to register and join the discussion as we look at current contingent…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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