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The Future of Work: How and Why, From a Global Perspective

                The Future of Work is a topic that is bringing organisations together in order to discuss best practices around recruitment, engagement, and retention of contingent workforce talent. At the WeWork and CXC Global“Globalization and the Future of Work Forum” held in San Francisco in 2016, WeWork and CXC Global Americas…

Canada Class Action Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawsuit

A major Canadian energy company has been hit by a class action lawsuit for independent contractor misclassification for their 7000 contractors. The first of its kind, there are a number of Class Action Lawsuits currently working their way through the Canada court system, where companies have misclassified their workers and temporary employees as independent contractors. In this…

CXC Global – Going for Gold in Brazil along with the Athletes of the 2016 Olympic Games

As the world focuses its attention on Brazil in the 2016 Summer Olympics, CXC Global is proud to play a part in its success. CXC Global is supporting our clients as they utilize telecommunication and media contractors to bring coverage of 2016 Olympic events into the homes of viewers in North America and worldwide. Brazil has been…

The Future of Work – Impacts of the Gig Economy

              What is the “Gig” Economy and why is it important?  It is the idea that people take jobs on a contract or freelance basis and may have several jobs or “gigs” going on at the same time.   It’s important because it is the way of the future and…

The Uberization of Labor – Benefits and Risks

              The relationship between employers and employees is changing very quickly.  It used to be that we went to work for a company, stayed with them for life, got the gold watch and a nice pension and retired to the coast.  But clearly it doesn’t work that way anymore….

Global Workforce Strategy: It’s A New World Of Work

              Countries are now competing for business AND for talent.  In some ways, governments are making it easier.  Estonia is now offering entrepreneurs e-Residency to the countries without having to live in the country.  Ireland’s tax rate remains the lowest major industrialized country in Europe and free trade zones…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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