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CXC Global appoints new Global Client Solutions Director

Louis Calamaras joins the CXC Global team. We are pleased to welcome Louis B. Calamaras to the CXC Global North America team as Global Client Solutions Director.  Louis joined CXC Global in October 2016 after spending the past five years in a role assisting corporations with Human Capital Solutions.  He will be working alongside John Smith,…

Partnering with a Global ‘CMO’ to ensure global compliant worker engagement

The World-Wide Workforce The introduction of the new World-Wide Workforce, as covered extensively in a whitepaper by well known workforce analyst Andrew Karpie, means that there are new challenges for companies and platforms engaging workers around the globe and ensuring they are compensated in a compliant manner that is in accordance with the local regulations of…

Gig Economy high on the agenda at the 2016 CXC Global Director’s Conference in Malaysia #CXCDConf

Global Collaboration The month of October 2016, Malaysia will welcome directors from across the globe for the annual CXC Global Director’s Conference, being held in Kaula Lumpar October 9-12. Every year the directors come from their various regions around the world to get together as a global team, share information, insights, strategize and plan.  It’s all about collaboration,…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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