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Foreign Exchange / Currency Conversion; How Some Companies Raise the Rates

Managing Currency Conversion When engaging talent around the world, there is a requirement to pay workers in the local currency, although come currency, for example the US Dollar, is accepted and even preferred in some regions. For U.S. based companies, being invoiced and making payment in USD is ‘business as usual’. However, for U.S. businesses…

Should Governments Engage Contractors If They Owe Taxes?

Government – Innovation Vs Regulation As we reported in a recently shared article, governments are starting to embrace the gig economy and engage more contingent and project-based workers across a range of different departments for a number of varying tasks. This is a trend that is well underway in the private sector, but now governments…

Cryptocurrency, Contractor Payments and Statutory Costs

Digitization of Currency In an article published by CNBC, the CEO of start-up fintech firm Circle said that every currency in the world — from the U.S. dollar to the Chinese yuan — will have its own cryptocurrency version.  The article goes on to say that every flat currency will eventually become crypto. As global…

A Talent Driven Market – What It Means for Employers

Making the Choice for Flexible Work An article published by CNBC news talks about the emerging trend of workers quitting their jobs in favor of a more flexible lifestyle and work arrangement.  The information was based on a report by the Department of Labor. The above image from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the…

Why Partner with CXC Global, leaders in Compliant Contingent Workforce Solutions

Innovative Workforce Solutions Globalization drives the need for an agile and flexible workforce model.  For over 26 years, CXC Global has  been the trusted source to those organizations who utilize a global contingent workforce. Talent shortages and high cost of accessing on-demand skilled talent drive the need to tap into talent anywhere.  Trust CXC Global…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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