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How Businesses Can Benefit From The Gig Economy

Gig Economy – Business Benefits As the gig economy continues to grow, both companies and individuals are adapting and making the necessary changes either personally or within their businesses to maximize their utilization of the extended workforce and this trend can be seen all around the world. There’s no doubt that there are clear benefits…

The Use of Start-ups and Contingent Staff by Large Companies Becoming More Common

  A Shift In Mindset for Large Enterprises In the past we have talked about startups and their use on contingent staff, particularly when expanding internationally.  In addition to this trend, there is a another trend being reported on, where large companies are increasingly turning to start-ups instead of large tech vendors to fill their…

PRESS RELEASE: Beeline Expands Partner Ecosystem with Global Contingent Workforce Provider CXC Global

      Seattle WA., August 7, 2018  — Beeline, the global leader in cloud software solutions for managing the non-employee workforce, announced a strategic partnership with global contingent workforce compliance solution specialists CXC Global. Adding to their robust partner ecosystem, this inclusion of CXC Global enables Beelines customers to ensure contingent talent engaged globally can…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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