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The Future Workplace – 14 Principals (Infographic)

The Future Workplace The Future Workplace is by no means a new topic, but it is one that we’ve witnessed gradually receiving more and more attention and now is a front of mind topic for businesses around the world. The changes being required of businesses and individuals in order to adapt to this new world of…

Globalization the Impacts on the Gig Economy

Globalization Globalization in terms of businesses and individuals is an ongoing topic of discussion and conversation in today’s world of work, but real globalization actually started in the early 1400’s with the globalization of countries, followed by globalization of companies and then individuals. Globalization has directly impacted the workforce of today, making it possible for…

CXC Global North America – Director Client Partnership Development Manager

We’re Growing our North American team! CXC Global Americas is adding to our North America Team. Our dynamic growth with domestic and global clients who are seeking to better manager their contingent and non-employee workforce has allowed us to add to our team. If you have Contingent Workforce Business Development Experience and would like to…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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