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CXC Global was founded as Consultants Exchange in Sydney Australia in 1992.

Created by the vision of our founder and current Chairman, Dave Thomas, the services were specifically designed to allow corporations to payroll contractors in a compliant and timely manner.  Contractors were provided expert support and opportunity to maximize their taxable earnings.

As an independent contractor himself, Dave’s insight and experience enabled the business to quickly grow into the largest contractor management organization in Australia.

In 1999 the company expanded its operations to include Auckland, New Zealand and London, England – and the CXC Global brand was born.

CXC Global established companies and offices continuing to grow its international presence and suite of services  in  Asia, Europe, Africa and the America’s throughout the 2000’s.

Today CXC Global has contractor management solutions in over 60 countries around the world and provides payroll and managed services to over 10,000 contractors monthly.

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