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Gig Economy high on the agenda at the 2016 CXC Global Director’s Conference in Malaysia #CXCDConf


Global Collaboration

The month of October 2016, Malaysia will welcome directors from across the globe for the annual CXC Global Director’s Conference, being held in Kaula Lumpar October 9-12.

Every year the directors come from their various regions around the world to get together as a global team, share information, insights, strategize and plan.  It’s all about collaboration, an essential element to running a successful global business and a vital tool that has kept CXC Global in business for over 24 years.

Hot Topics

One of the hot topics for this year is the Gig Economy and as part of the agenda for the conference, the directors will be reviewing and formulating strategies for the global gig economy.

Other topics include CMO (Contractor Management Organization), GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) and Security – a topic on the forefront of all organizations’ minds.

Global Footprint

This year Directors will be representing all the regions for the over 60 countries where CXC Global have offices.  The regions include:

The CXC Global Group – @CXCGlobal
North America & Canada @CXCGlobal_USA, @CXCGlobal_CA
Latin America – @CXCGlobalLAM
Australia & New Zealand – @CXCGlobal_ANZ
Asia – @CXC_Global_Asia
Ireland – @CXCCorpServices


We will be sharing more information from the conference in the coming weeks and you can also follow the conference activity on twitter using the hashtag #CXCDConf.

If you’d like to know more about our global capacity or connect with any of the Global Directors, please complete the below contact form.

Written by Kathryn Hopkins

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