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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

John Smith
Managing Director

John Smith
John F. Smith

John has over 20 years supporting corporations and human capital management staffing organizations with managed service provider services, global contractor payroll management and risk compliance relating to their global contingent workforces.  John has performed contract negotiation with Fortune 500 companies on behalf of independent recruiters and staffing organizations to allow them to work within the parameters of a centralized managed services program.

John joined CXC Global in 2010 developing the Americas operations. Prior to CXC Global, John was Vice President, General Manager for Leafstone/CORESTAFF in the Northeast USA, and assisted in the implementation and delivery of CORESTAFF’s initial launch of Comensura/Guidant MSP in the USA.  In addition, John held roles as Vice President for both Ensemble/Chimes and The Albany Group supporting the domestic and global payroll services operations. John has presented Global Contractor Management trends on many international webinars and forums, a panel speaker on global trends at Staffing Industry Analyst Executive Forum,’s Contract Talent Symposium and Presenter at Populus Groups Customer Summit, The National Personal Associations and Stanford Rose Associations conferences. John resides on the East Coast and holds a Bachelors Degree from The University of Bridgeport.

Follow John on Twitter and connect on Linked-in.

Amanda Greenfield

Amanda Greenfield
Financial Controller
North America

Amanda joined CXC Global in 2014 and is based in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.  Amanda has extensive knowledge and experience with reporting and financial statement preparation is focused on ensuring compliance for CXC Global USA and our clients. She has expertise in multiple aspects of Tax Reporting, IRS Code and Regulations and is an effective team leader and manager, proficient on multiple accounting platforms and reporting tools.

Michelle Kent

Michelle Kent
Global Operations Director
North America

Michelle enjoys working with all levels of the organization from contract employees to upper management to ensure organizational success. She has seen the hurdles companies go through to gain an ounce of success and knows that it “takes a village” to create a positive environment. “I bring humor and hard work to any project/position I take and enjoy the relationships that are made along the way.”


Jolene Morgan
Client and Contractor Care Manager, Canada

Jolene joined CXC Global in 2013 and has been an integral part of the Canada team’s success, dealing with clients and contractors and ensuring the seamless onboarding and ongoing management.  She’s also a keen Crossfit advocate and keeps everyone positive and motivated.


Marianne Scollard
Invoicing Accounts Manager

Marianne joined the CXC Global team as part of our team expansion in 2014 and brought her solid bookkeeping experience to the very trusted role as invoicing accounts manager.  She is a great addition to the team and her efforts are a valuable contribution to the ongoing success of CXC Global North America.

Kathryn Hopkins
Business Development & Digital Marketing Americas

Kathryn has been with CXC Global since 2012, when she joined the team in New Zealand as their National Account Manager working with existing clients/contractors to ensure compliant contractor management solutions, as well as developing new business opportunities.  The team achieved record numbers for new contractors and revenue in her time there.  Having moved to the U.S in Jan 2014, she joined the America’s team as Business Development Manager.  Her focus is now on marketing with brand development and awareness through digital and social marketing initiatives.  She has also done project work for CXC Corporate Services based in Ireland and the CXC Global Group. Follow Kathryn on twitter @KJHopkinsDuvall or connect on Linked-in.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith
Social Media and Data Analyst

Ian completed his internship at CXC Global USA while doing his masters in Science (M.S.), Business Intelligence and Analytics at St Joseph’s University.  He is now focused on international business, economics and law.





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