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Corporations (USA, Canada and over 50 Countries Globally)

Corporations FAQs

At CXC Global we are here to answer any questions you may have about our contractor management and payroll services Please contact you local CXC Global office at +1 800 588 0292 for personalized attention to your questions and requirements.


Do you charge a placement or exit fee?

We are not a recruitment agency, so we don’t place contractors or charge fees for contractors leaving or changing assignments.

Who looks after payroll tax and contributions to retirement funds etc?

CXC Global takes responsibility for all payroll tax and retirement fund contributions for the duration of the contractor’s assignment.

What entities can we set contractors up under?

CXC Global can payroll contractors through PAYG, companies limited by shares, Sole Trader and Trust arrangements. CXC Global helps and advises contractors on what is the best arrangement for them.

Can you manage the payroll for all staff?

Yes, we provide contractor management solutions, as well as employee solutions such as vehicle leasing and salary packaging. (To be confirmed)

Do you look after contractors that want to be independent?

Yes, CXC can accommodate contractors working through any payroll structure.

Are you able to integrate with our software?

Yes, we can integrate with most software to streamline your processes.

Do you only manage contractors?

We help contractors, employees and employers with a payroll solution at all levels. (To be confirmed)

If we outsource our payroll to a service provider, can you offer a salary packaging advice service for car leasing, laptops etc?

Yes, we can provide advice and services for salary packaging.

How can CXC Global save contractors money?

By providing innovative and legal tax solutions CXC Global is able to minimize tax and maximize cash-in-hand.

What type of clients do you have?

Our clients include employers, recruitment agencies and direct contractors in a broad range of business sectors including IT, Oil and Gas, Engineering and Resources, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Medical, Aviation, Management Consulting and Government.

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