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Global Warning – Skills Shortages Will Be Felt In Wake of Large Projects

By Michelle Reilly, Managing Director, CXC Global EMEA. CXC Global believes the global economy could be facing a severe shortage of skilled contractors if some of the upcoming planned megaprojects actually happen. The warning comes as the company is aware of a number of transport and infrastructure projects in the pipeline across the globe, which…

What Will It Really Take To Implement a WWW (World Wide Workforce)? CXC Global Is Working On The Answer.

Andrew Karpie, Workforce Industry Specialist of The Research Platform, recently produced a whitepaper with CXC Global to define the emerging World Wide Workforce and Contingent Workforce Solutions, why it cannot ignored by businesses, and what business leaders need to focus on to really make it work for their businesses. The paper, entitled “Engaging the ‘World Wide Workforce’ in…

The Path To Success. Thinking Global – Here’s what you need to know!

A few weeks ago, in the article Compliant Contractor Management – Contingent Workforce Classification we discussed the importance of correctly classifying your contingent workforce and the complexities that surround this topic in relation to tax implications, payroll rights and employee obligations. Mistakes can be a costly business for an organisation if they aren’t taking the appropriate steps…

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Provider – The Growing Utilization Of Global Talent

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Provider The previously noted 2012 Oxford Economics study stated the following: “In 1990, the total of the world’s exports and imports accounted for only 30% of the world’s GDP—today [2012], they make up more than half… These structural shifts are reshaping both the supply and demand for talent across the globe.” In…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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