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CXC LAM: Panorama anual do setor de trabalho na América Latina 2016

Postado em Business em 07 de dezembro de 2016 pela CXC Global Autor: CXC Global LAM Chegamos ao final de 2016, e é hora de olhar para trás e fazer uma avaliação das mudanças experimentadas pela América Latina em relação à sua força de trabalho global e o emprego de contratistas. O PANORAMA DO CONTRATISTA…

CXC LAM: Panorama anual del sector laboral en América Latina 2016

Publicado en Business el 7 de diciembre de 2016 por CXC Global Autor: CXC Global LAM Hemos llegado al final de 2016, y es hora de mirar hacia atrás y hacer una revisión de los cambios que ha experimentado América Latina en lo que se refiere a su fuerza de trabajo global y el empleo…

CXC LAM: 2016 Annual Overview of the Latin American Workforce

Author: CXC Global LAM We have reached the end of 2016, and it’s time to look back and review the changes that Latin America has undergone in terms of its global workforce and contractor employment. The contractor landscape   The regional market had some political changes during this year, increasing the expectancy of economic recovery,…

CXC Global appoints new Global Client Solutions Director

LOUIS CALAMARAS JOINS THE CXC GLOBAL TEAM. We are pleased to welcome Louis B. Calamaras to the CXC Global North America team as Global Client Solutions Director.  Louis joined CXC Global in October 2016 after spending the past five years in a role assisting corporations with Human Capital Solutions.  He will be working alongside John Smith,…

Looking to 2017: The Outlook from CXC Global

CXC Global held their annual Director’s Conference in Kuala Lumpur this month, and are pleased to present our new roadmap going forward. We’ve aligned our strategy with the ideals we provide to our customers on an ongoing basis and are excited to share how CXC will be promoting and facilitating the use of new technologies,…

What is a CMO, why do you need it and how will a CMO protect your organization? #CMO

via @CXCGlobal_USA With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and the emerging gig economy, ensuring the fully compliant engagement of these contractors is a primary focus of many organizations. The risks of getting contractor classification wrong globally will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits….

Globalization, Tech and the Gig Economy: 2016 So Far

2016 has been a year of great change so far, and no sector has been left untouched. From world economies to start-up successes, growth, change, and innovation across the board have been massive. We take a look at four main areas of impact and discuss the changes that have been seen in these sectors. Globalization: An…


AN OLYMPIC FEAT: 85000 OUTSOURCED JOBS IN RIO In September last year, the Olympic organising committee announced that it would be outsourcing 90,000 jobs for the Rio Olympics. 85,000 of those outsourced staff would be hired by third-party agencies, which, for any contingent workforce manager, is a mammoth influx of gig-workers into any given country….


Image:   Pokémon, like most crazes, has come along like a hurricane and changed mobile apps into forces of nature. In a constantly-changing world, trends like these really highlight how people and societies are evolving. POKÉMON AND THE GIG ECONOMY The gig economy is one of those evolutions that, while not sudden, is changing how we…


When you do a quick Google search of ‘Premier League Brexit’, you get a large number of posts discussing the loss of great players, quite a few images of Arsene Wenger looking distraught (with good reason), and a whole host of information on the projected impact that Brexit will have on the Premier League going…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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