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Contingent Workforce Expansion and Global Compliance Management – Free Whitepaper

It is no secret that today’s contingent workforce, which is comprised of temporary staff, freelancers, independent talent, and SOW-based labor, is rapidly growing and evolving. As businesses continue the pursuit for talented workers, they are frequently finding that flexible, contingent workers hold the necessary skillsets and expertise for critical enterprise projects and initiatives. With the contingent…

The Contingent Workforce – 2016 and Beyond!

              “2015 was a fantastic year for the CXC Global team, in terms of growth of market and responding to client needs. We launched our Corporate Services group in Ireland, a CXC Global Company, which is headed up by Connor Heaney and Orla Byrnes.  Following on from the launch of…

Global Compliance: Crackdown on IC misclassification for Contingent Workforce

We’ve been talking about it for a while now.  Worker Misclassification.  The way that companies engage their workers and how they classify them according to labor laws, is a topic that is emerging from the shadows and into the spotlight. CWS Strategies published an article on the subject: Global Effort: Countries waging war on IC misclassification.  In…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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