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What is a CMO, why do you need it and how will a CMO protect your organization? #CMO

via @CXCGlobal_USA With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and the emerging gig economy, ensuring the fully compliant engagement of these contractors is a primary focus of many organizations. The risks of getting contractor classification wrong globally will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits….

Globalization, Tech and the Gig Economy: 2016 So Far

2016 has been a year of great change so far, and no sector has been left untouched. From world economies to start-up successes, growth, change, and innovation across the board have been massive. We take a look at four main areas of impact and discuss the changes that have been seen in these sectors. Globalization: An…


AN OLYMPIC FEAT: 85000 OUTSOURCED JOBS IN RIO In September last year, the Olympic organising committee announced that it would be outsourcing 90,000 jobs for the Rio Olympics. 85,000 of those outsourced staff would be hired by third-party agencies, which, for any contingent workforce manager, is a mammoth influx of gig-workers into any given country….


When you do a quick Google search of ‘Premier League Brexit’, you get a large number of posts discussing the loss of great players, quite a few images of Arsene Wenger looking distraught (with good reason), and a whole host of information on the projected impact that Brexit will have on the Premier League going…

Changes in the UK Contingent Worker Sector You Need to Know. #CXCComply

“The UK contingent worker sector is experiencing some of the most radical changes of its time.  It is vital companies engaging contingent workers in the UK understand these change and do not fall foul of the new legislation, as it could become a costly mistake. For many years there have been a number of acceptable…

“Brown Bag Lunch” Webinar Series – Contractor Compliance Trends in the European Union

Click here to register for Contractor Compliance Trends in the European Union Today’s contingent workforce is growing and evolving exponentially: within the next three years, nearly 50% of the average company’s total workforce will be considered “independent” or “contractor.” These changes to the workforce have forced businesses to re-balance priorities including quality, cost and…

Global Compliance: Crackdown on IC misclassification for Contingent Workforce

We’ve been talking about it for a while now.  Worker Misclassification.  The way that companies engage their workers and how they classify them according to labor laws, is a topic that is emerging from the shadows and into the spotlight. CWS Strategies published an article on the subject: Global Effort: Countries waging war on IC misclassification.  In…

Global Compliance and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce

    On September 23, 2015 at 2PM EDT, CXC Global hosted a complimentary webinar with Ardent Partners on “Global Compliance and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce” to discuss the complexities and challenges of implementing a global compliant contingent workforce program. CXC Global America’s MD John Smith, one of the key presenters for the…

World – Governments To Clamp Down On Tax Offenders, Contractors Warned

Contractors are running out of time to comply with international tax regulations with governments increasingly clamping down on offenders, according to international contractor management specialists CXC Global. By 2017, dozens of countries will exchange tax information automatically, which will raise the levels of transparency in the international job market and expose offenders to an unprecedented…

Contingent Workforce Compliance – Contingent Workforce Staffing, Contingent Workforce Solutions 

Getting it right pays off in the long-term!  contingent workforce solutions, contingent workforce staffing Employing and managing staff can be complex especially if not managed appropriately and taken seriously. Not knowing the legislations around correctly classifying employees can lead to costly mistakes, with serious financial penalties that can impact a brand, business performance and long…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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