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AN OLYMPIC FEAT: 85000 OUTSOURCED JOBS IN RIO In September last year, the Olympic organising committee announced that it would be outsourcing 90,000 jobs for the Rio Olympics. 85,000 of those outsourced staff would be hired by third-party agencies, which, for any contingent workforce manager, is a mammoth influx of gig-workers into any given country….

CXC Global and Qwil Partner to Deliver Instant Pay to CXC Global Contractors

  San Francisco, CA; June 14, 2016 – Workforce solutions leader CXC Global™ and fintech pioneer Qwil have announced a formal partnership to provide instant access to compensation for CXC Global’s contractors through the Qwil app. The collaboration commences today in the United States and Canada with plans for global expansion. This important partnership solves…

PRESS RELEASE – CXC Global & Sequensant Partner

CXC Global is pleased to formulate a global partnership with Sequensant, a global contingent workforce supply chain company. Bill Morgan, President of Sequensant, has years of experience designing and delivering workforce solutions to corporations and combined with CXC Global’s capabilities in over 65 countries will leverage both organizations’ expertise. The CXC Global and Sequensant alliance…

Get Smart, Take Control – Contingent Workforce Implementation.

Do you have contractors working in your organization, either in the country where you work, or perhaps at one of your other offices in another country?  The fact is that most organizations are now engaging non-employee workers around the globe and each country does it differently, has different regulations and different terminology.  There is much…

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Events: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Australia Read Article
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