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Spain is located in the west of the European Union and is well known for its Pyrenees Mountain and its Paella and Tappas as national dishes. Spain’s international tourist industry is one of the largest globally. Popular coastlines, good climate prevails, diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, diverse historical legacy, and a well developed infrastructure are the key attractions contributing to its success in the tourism economy.

Tourism aside, Spain has a strong agriculture, manufacturing and service sector also. Spain is one of the world’s leading regions for the production and development of renewable energy, especially wind and solar power.

CXC Global’s local expertise and knowledge of Spanish labour and tax laws, allows us to work closely with our clients, assist with Local Tax and Social Security Registration, VAT Registration, including a preparation of a personal income tax return at the end of the tax year.

Contracting in Spain has some complexity. The taxation system in Spain is a progressive multi-layered system, one of the most effective in Europe. Spain is recognized for being a country with some of the best living conditions in Southern Europe with all year round sunshine. They have entered into Double Taxation Treaties with some countries, and have a low tax regime. For foreign national contract workers, contracting in Spain, it would be wise to consult with CXC Global on the best way to structure, and how best to balance taxation.

  • With our extensive experience and expertise in contractor management, and assisting organizations with their contingent workforce, CXC Global has the resources and solutions to manage the administration process associated with contracting in Spain, facilitating accounting services to run payroll and administration, local tax calculations for Spain, social security registration, tax balancing and preparation of personal income tax return at the end of the tax year

In-country services include:

  • Access to Local Accountant
  • Local tax and social security registration
  • VAT registration
  • Preparation of personal income tax return at the end of the tax year
  • Wealth creation guidance
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