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Consolidate and comply

With CXC Global you have the flexibility to employ contractors directly, removing the burden of complex administration.

All your paperwork is consolidated into a single account and you can be confident all taxation, insurance and legal requirements are taken care of.

Payroll outsourcing

CXC can provide a cost-effective solution for all your staff remuneration – including permanent staff and contractors.

With an in-depth understanding of different tax brackets, Employer Entitlements, Employee Benefits, Retirement Funds and insurance requirements you can rest assured every detail will be taken care of.

Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging offers a cost-effective solution to contractor engagement, and it’s very simple to implement.

Once you find a contractor, CXC employs them on your behalf, indemnifying you from having any tax or insurance liability.

We then provide tools for contractors to complete timesheets and all necessary documentation and issue invoices to you.

CXC pays these contractors and manages their tax, insurance and pension funds.

Additional remuneration options

If you would prefer contractor remuneration to be paid through an alternative arrangement our team of tax and legal professionals can create a solution that’s perfect for you. Your options include (yet not limited to):

  • Self employed
  • Partnerships
  • Overseas managed structure
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