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CXC Russia offers employed solution for Foreign Highly Qualified Specialists ( HQS) and self employed solution for Russian nationals.

HQS Employed Solution:

Foreign Contractor becomes CXC Employee for the duration of their time in Russia but work on site for the end client, supervised by their end Client line managers and to their task schedules and work program. Inside of this we offer:

  • Full 3 year Work Permit and 3 year Work Visa for the Contractor.
  • Right to work anywhere in Russia.
  • Contractor on site 6 weeks from our first contact with them.
  • Minimum paperwork.
  • End Client protected from all dealings with tax inspection, immigration and local registration.

Minimal Qualifications:  

  • International Passport valid for at least 3 years
  • Contract value in excess 2,400,000 rubles

Self employed/Individual entrepreneur solution for Russian nationals:

Contractor signs a service contract with CXC and benefits from a very low tax regime -6%.

There is no company tax, only 6% income tax. This is a considerable saving both for the Client and the worker. The Client does not pay any social contributions on the worker’s salary, the worker only pays 6% on the income.

CXC provide a full range of accounting and management services for the self employed solution-

  1. Arranging Passport of the Deal in the bank ( as per Currency regulations)
  2. Hard currency conversions
  3. Providing a Contract for payments
  4. Prompt payments on a monthly basis
  5. Filing the forms for tax payments
  6. Providing calculations for tax payment and its payment
  7. Preparation and sending annual reports to tax office
  8. Tax and legal advice
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