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Tax compliance

Russia operates a 13% flat tax with few easily reclaimable allowances. Tax is due on all income irrespective of the amount. Taxation applies not only to income but also to benefit in kind. For local contactors payroll a 6% tax solution (self-employed) is offered.

When employing a Russian National, a company pays substantial Social Contribution tax of 30% on the first 624,000 rub salary (accumulative) and after – 10%.

CXC Russia offers a tax-efficient solution to employ Russian residents, which allows to minimize company’s costs.  Russian National can be hired as a Self-employed/Individual entrepreneur (in Russian – IP). In this case, there is no company tax, only 6% income tax paid by the IP himself.

All CXC Russia Contractors benefit from our payroll solution, which includes:

  • Direct deposit of pay into employees local bank accounts
  • Appropriate calculation and withholding of taxes
  • Calculation of payroll taxes to be paid by employer (e.g. Social Contribution tax)
  • Depositing of withheld amounts with tax authorities
  • Human Resources (HR) tracking/reporting
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